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            泰安博威科教裝備有限公司(http://www.4388xx29.com /)教會我們要學會面對,想象你本身對困難作出的反應,不是躲避或繞開它們,而是面對它們,同它們打交道,以一種進取 的和明智的體例同它們奮斗。
            Tai'an Bowei science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd. (http://www.4388xx29.com /) church we must learn to face difficulties, imagine yourself to react, not evade or avoidthem, but to face them, deal with them, in a progressive and enlightened manner with their struggle.
             The experimental station as a result of more testing projects undertaken, configuration of various equipment not only quantity, high technology content, but also on the useof environmental requirements are different, resulting in laboratory construction and maintenance costs are relatively high. So the function design, laboratory construction,renovation and decoration is the biggest challenge of all relevant laboratory in the transaction. Many laboratory staff and managers at the beginning of the project for thelayout of the laboratory, design, function and transformation of knowledge is scarce.
             The experimental bench panel is made of high quality solid overall physicochemical plate, thickness of 12.7mm, around the edge to 25.4mm, under the front opening water stoptrough, prevent the liquid flow to the body, the whole table experiment platform has resistance to strong acid and alkali, wear resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance,impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, antibacterial, anti-aging, mildew waterproof, moistureproof, fire, etc., the experimental rig is the ideal laboratory of green buildingmaterials. The experimental station connections with nylon buried mother, high-quality zinc alloy zinc alloy connecting rod, eccentric wheel three and a connecting member,experiment platform ensures durability and convenient assembly handling.
             In short, everything must stand on solid ground to do, no relaxation on what, not greedy in the virtual sound, and only with the attitude of seeking truth for our time. Thisstudy attitude, the truth can be bright, this attitude to work, it would be great.

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